Guillotine Glass Systems

Guillotine glass system, Movable Handrail Systems
Guillotine glass system, also known as guillotine glass system or movable handrail system, are systems that open and close by moving vertically. It is controlled automatically or works with a manual system. When the office guillotine systems are fully open, an area equal to the height of one panel remains constant. It works as both a fixed handrail system and a controllable glazing system.

Guillotine Glass Systems
Remote controlled new generation guillotine systems
Automatic guillotine glass system; It is a remote controlled, motorized, chain, movable handrail system. System; as a movable handrail system; It is heavily preferred for closing and opening of hotels, cafes, restaurants, stadiums, etc.

In automatic guillotine glass systems, many patented innovations such as the safety system that prevents hand-finger jamming are only available in Vertiflex. The system can be made with 8 mm – 10 mm or double glazing and offers unique solutions to achieve the highest insulation possible in guillotine glasses.

Man Office Guillotine Systems Provide the Highest Insulation!
Maximum insulation is provided by using EPDM gasket and bristle brush in all profiles of the system, panel-profile joints. Thanks to the double bearing in the side pillar profiles for extra insulation, either a bristle brush or a CF foamed insulation gasket can be used.

These systems are mostly made with remote control and motor. In 2-panel guillotine glass systems, one panel is fixed, one panel is movable, in 3-panel systems, 1 panel is fixed and 2 panels are movable. Depending on the height, 4-panel guillotine glass systems can also be made.

The reason why guillotine glass systems are called movable handrail is usually in cafes, restaurants, social areas, etc. when used in places, at the height of the handrail from the ground, usually the table level, the ground remains constant. Single glass or insulating glass can be used in movable handrail systems, also known as guillotine glass systems.

How Are Guillotine Glass Prices Calculated?
Since guillotine glass systems are made according to the size of the space, they are priced according to the model of the guillotine glass system (2, 3, 4) and the size of the space. Whether the engine used, the guillotine glass system is chain or belt, the company making it is competent and competent, the total benefits of the system affect the price of the system.

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