Effective Partition Wall Solutions for Small Offices :

Labor productivity and spaces in order to increase the use of existing space without causing a loss environment “effective partition walls in small areas” the Man with the motto Office; special modular design of the glass panel to the cover glass composed of a patented combined,  100% domestic compartments wall system . Traditional and advanced technology than its economic system partitions, longer lasting, easier, more hygienic properties; decorative and makes available a wide range of products. Office glass partition screen systems without disturbing the integrity of the venue, provides privacy, personal space determines the strengthening of cooperation.

Does not prevent eye contact with other employees in the office, allow the light of day, the person gives special opportunity to work and increase the concentration by providing the convenience. Window glass partition walls Our system is compatible with the office decoration, stylish without increasing cost, decorative and offer economic solutions, it does not restrict the freedom of movement.

Wall, ceiling or floor without modification  can move the glass pane system allows production with a material suited to the existing furniture. Stretching your budget that offers economic solutions. Closed areas away from feeling, foldable and enjoy spaces with movable office partitions as you wish.

An end to the loss of space caused by the floor or ceiling fixed partition systems improve the efficiency of use in confined space environments. Remove your freedom of movement to the highest level. Rapidly opening allows you to create custom fields. All components of the multi-purpose use with providing innovative design is harmonious; Man office partition systems antibacterial is made with flame retardant and recycled materials. Mobile and fixed partition walls leadership position in the design and production of front office system has the principle Manor; professional staff, continue its architecture, infrastructure and R & D work by constantly renews itself.


Our office partition systems to be used as anti-bacterial properties with high hygiene requires local office screen with ease of use and management office partition wall systems. Stain resistant, easy with the place where all kinds of cleaning supplies and cleaned quickly.


In the medium and long term more appropriate than traditional office partitions system is more economical. Durable, long-lasting it manufactured from recycled materials. No need to dismantle for cleaning and reassembly. It saves time and labor.

easy to use

Unique carrier system with wheel rail system or sub-systems with the chamber to occupy space in the presence at the time of collection. Effortlessly, fluently and easily it opens and closes quickly.

man glass pane
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