Plasterboard Partition Wall Models

Drywall partitions, practical use of material and labor costs are among the most preferred due to less wall applications. all kinds of interior drywall partitions can be used easily. The important thing here is the plaster used correctly in the right areas. The correct choice between this reason drywall partition the plaster models are very important. In this way you will ensure maximum efficiency from your drywall partition wall. drywall partition between the front wall models do not have information about which one you would use if you can get help from our experts. Although our company as the manufacturer of plasterboard partition walls also serves as practitioners.

Models are divided into two main drywall partition walls can say. The first of these has a metal frame has a metal frame with wooden skeleton second plasterboard partitions are drywall partition. plasterboard partition walls with metal framework, housing, work places, meeting rooms, hotels, hospitals, namely the need pane shows the area that can be used easily in all areas. Metal frame plasterboard partition walls are divided into five basic types of meaning in itself. These single-ply drywall partition, double layer drywall partitions, three-ply drywall partition, single columned structures, double columned structures being. The drywall partitions with wooden frame can be used in similar applications as metal-framed drywall partitions. These in themselves are divided into two.

Drywall partitions provide general information about necessary if the average thickness of the single coating drywall partition 7.5 cm d. The dimensions of the width and the height of 250 cm 120 cm d. The gypsum panel thickness is 12.5 mm. Plasterboard dividing wall between the carrier systems must be known whether the building. Building, as will be understood by name drywall partitions is a structural member which helps square in certain sections according to the intended use. Apart from this, a certain thickness and has a carrying capacity of each model, but it certainly should not be confused with the main structural system of the building carrying beams.

Drywall partition wall models can vary according to the needs of the general structure and use of the building completely. If drywall partitions if desired also be noted that the portability feature is useful to different sections. In this way feature particularly in large area and low cost it can be created very comfortable partitions as desired. Especially in recent years in our country where a large shopping centers plasterboard partition walls built quickly is very useful. stores in shopping center can be formed in a very short time at a desired level. We also drywall partitions for the manufacturer as well as we have mentioned above, our model drywall partition walls in the production of desired size can be provided. This is directly proportional to the requests of our customers completely. Drywall is also for decorative items often use very often in this interior architects building applications. to a drywall partition your environment can give a very different feeling. Project approved works drawn and forwarded to us. Our factory produced plasterboard partition walls moved with care is delivered to the address carefully. Partitions with our professional craftsmen in the area Here again is mounted in a flawless manner.

We mana office partition systemsThe work that we have done all, we never compromise on quality. Especially in these materials used in the structure and practices will be held at the slightest mistake can lead to unwanted accidents. Both the raw materials to the delivery of all stages of the process of making and implementation from the entrance to the factory is controlled by professional people. This little big bunch of controls in all the process is done with the same discipline. We owe our success to our this discipline. with the same quality without making any distinction among our customers we help them all. In this way, we believe we are sektörümüze example as we provide our own continuity. If you want to get more about drywall partitions models easily if you can call our company without hesitation.