Office partition manufacturing and assembly


Aluminum frames are firm with offices in thin and gives a stylish look that lets you create partitions. Companies engaged in manufacture of office partitions companies in Turkey is the only man office. Other companies serves only the assembly. 
What is required for manufacturing. 
Width and height dimensions of the area to be discussed with the clients office partitions should also be taken. 
What measures should be given to our factory for manufacturing to be done, for it is the most authoritative measure of recipients are architects. Our friends from the architect’s office will notify you by what measure of our factory for production. 
List of material is removed after the measure of their net 
• Aluminum 
• Glass 
• blinds 
• Wood 
• Glass or wooden doors 
• button or engine accessories for blinds
• Arm locking hinges 
• Cord 3 m apartments for glazing 
• and mounting accessories

Glass partitions Production from the field will be made in our factory with the measures taken to do the technical work are given a list of specially our manufacturing personnel as a result of what the agreement with our customer in this list what materials are to be used obeyed him exactly. Confirmation of material out of the contract when it is delivered to you verbatim done after fabrication and erection ends.


In our factory, we started manufacturing with zero margin for error is primarily prepared on the basis of measurements from the first cut to the mounting turmoil in some of the main ones millimeter aluminum. Then mounted to each other by means of clips aluminum chamber systems. aluminum crow is completed for all manufacturing, glass installation is initiated then.

Glass as the first and architects be mentioned (flat, tempered, laminated) form a one-sided manner is placed into aluminum compartment. then started to mount blinds or Venetian blinds motor is mounted push button mechanism reversed by placing the rear side windows.

After the same treatment all aluminum partition system, designed specifically for the 3M glass edge wick system for receiving compressed air with hot air to help four sides of the glass. This way does not receive the remaining air between the double glazing blinds is that it causes the dirt to get between the two glass blinds.

Manufacture of office partitions the extent of architects has been completed.   The door glass our let’s door is cut in 10 mm tempered glass 83 × 210 size, then heated by inserting a hot oven then given a cold oven, this is carried out three times, and is unbreakable property of the glass. In the beveling machine with special glass door hinge holes are opened. You dorma he had asked the German or thedoor brand lock lever is mounted on hinges that opened as a special place. If you want to wooden door in the same way as wood is coated in special color swatch that you want kastamonu from the integrated 83 × 206 in size. Handle locks and hinges holes are opened and all our products are ready for installation getirilir.fabrika prepared to address will be assembled by wrapping them with special bags to send rain and water.


Our factory manufacture of office partitions made materials carefully moved to the place that will be assembled, it is very important to move carefully transported. put in place with the mounting member made as chamber systems manufacture uses special screws 5 cm thickness when performing the mounting. This removed the screws will help to move again to another office does not harm the system are special screwdriving system.

Office partitions Installation of the special assembly passed the door after door, which made 206 × 83 bits are put in place and the final check is done. The side wall is 1mm or 2mm silicone sealant is drawn into the gaps or special aluminum profile we also be greater than this gap L is engaged.

We finished the fabrication and installation of office partitioning systems, demonstrates the use to you (you can find in the manual.) How does it work then explains how to turn off the guarantee documents are delivered.

After finishing first in the manufacture and assembly of Man Office of the help we can get for all kinds of failures and technical problems. If you want to enlarge or reduce your office or moving to a new office systems, office partitions if you want to move disassembled so we can call.

Important Note

All of our products are aluminum systems, glass partition manufacturing is absolutely harmful to man and nature is not used. Aluminum partition systems rustproof water can be used for years without being affected. The system is portable and you can move it to your new office.