New Design Office Partition System :

Lowest profile height and 0-4mm thinner walls than other office partition systems Manor

Profile height, the slim 04mm profile.

Option 35 mm, combinations are possible:

  • 24 mm + 21 mm profile: +/- 4 mm
  • 22 mm + 35 mm profile: +/- 11 mm
  • 35 mm + 35 mm profile: +/- 18 mm

All windows extra clear glass are made of reinforced 100% aluminum with thin sections, between ground and ceiling installation, the 8 cm sections Plus Wall systems produced so far the smallest office partitions and system.

Whether either horizontally or Create Triangle Square offices .

So create a visual look at your interior. All thicknesses are suitable only for glass walls.
  • Leave the place of Creativity
  • Grids, horizontal and / or vertical lines: everything is possible!
  • Ideally, temporary or flexible solutions
  • It meets all the functional requirements
  • Carry it with the preservation of goods
  • applied to the walls and the gates
  • The second profile type C profile or strip