Partition wall

When it comes to partition walls, the first concrete applications come to mind. Nowadays, this concept has changed the concept of partition walls of aesthetically much more stylish glass partition walls are used. The partition wall, as the name suggests, can be used to divide a space according to your intended use. This way you get the maximum benefit from the space. Partition walls are often preferred in offices and workplaces. One of the most important elements in the workplace is the control of costs. Thanks to the partition walls, the maximum number of staff in the open spaces in the office can work comfortably without disturbing each other. In this way, a lot of expense items, such as lighting, heating and cooling systems are used in combination because of the fall will be a financial advantage. Thanks to the partition walls, there is also no noise pollution in the environment. Partition walls can be produced from many different materials such as glass, wood, aluminum, fabric coating. You can even use these materials together if you want. So you can make half of your partition wall by chipboard and the other half by glass. With the special foot systems that allow the partition wall systems to stand, you can gain movement to all the compartments in your office.

One of the most important features of the partition walls is that it does not have to be fixed to the ground thanks to its special legs. This way you can make changes in the office as you wish. If you want to make a change in your workplace, you must first remove the existing walls and install the walls instead. Only in this way will your office be freed. At the same time, thanks to the natural light source, office workers will work in a more spacious environment. All concepts such as the aesthetics of the partition walls, the abundant natural light source, the lack of sound problems will also increase the motivation of your staff. Because your managers have increased the autocontrol, you will be able to get the most out of your team. As you can see, the partition wall should not be mentioned and maybe you may have to allocate a certain budget in the setup phase, but you are sure to make any profit in the future. When your staff increases their efficiency and use your workplace in maximum efficiency, apply your partition walls before they are late. We are ready to answer all your problems.

Partition Wall Systems

Partition wall systems, also known as office partition systems, are the systems that increase the use of your workplaces made of durable materials and increase their use. Thanks to partition wall systems, you can use every corner of your offices efficiently. After a while you can change the areas that you believe is not efficient. We seem to hear you say it is easy as it is said. In the first installation process of partition wall systems can be disassembled. Then you can make changes as you want with a few minor interventions. You must inevitably enter a construction business to break and rebuild a Ytong or brick section. In terms of hygiene and personnel safety, you do not have the opportunity to work in the office before the end of this kind of work. This means that your work will stop. Partition wall systems are an indispensable application not only for employers but also for architects. Interior designers make custom design for the sector where the workplace serves. In these designs, they especially use partition wall systems so that they can do long-term and healthy work with their customers. Because it is a privilege to offer the partition wall systems to the customer.

Of course, rapidly increasing the number of companies entering the partition wall systems are increasing our duties. First of all, we need to be able to make designs suitable for all these customers. In addition, we have to expand our production areas to meet this demand. Of course, only the production area does not stop work. In these production areas, the professional teams used in the partition wall systems should be trained and new teams should be taken to make them ready for installation. At the same time, our quality control studies continue. We are also raising ourselves in this sense because the demands change as the cycle changes. Every year, we are working hard on our R & D activities by allocating a serious budget to our customers. In this way, we create value added not only for ourselves but also for our customers and our industry. We owe our success that we have acquired it in Turkey. We know this is more difficult than sustaining success. For this reason, we continue our journey without stopping. We would like to thank our customers who have added power to us in this process. For this reason, we continue our journey without stopping. We would like to thank our customers who have added power to us in this process. For this reason, we continue our journey without stopping. We would like to thank our customers who have added power to us in this process.

Partition Wall Systems Features

Partition wall systems are very useful separators for offices. As for the partition wall systems, first of all, the benefits of being portable can be mentioned. Partition walls can be relocated over time as desired. This will give you great freedom in the office. Another feature of partition wall systems is that it can be produced from various materials. In this way, according to the desired budget material can be selected. The choice of material varies depending on the area of ​​use. The wooden filler partition wall can be made if you are going to do something in a succession style. However, if a meeting room is to be constructed, a partitioned wall with glazing or glass partition wall with interior blinds can be used. Of course, each of these changes the price per square meter. In addition, partition wall systems are very advantageous in heat and sound insulation. Particularly in the areas where intensive personnel such as call center work, half-size partition walls do not contain any noise pollution, and the staff can concentrate on their work in a very comfortable manner. It is also used in intense environments such as the Bank. You can use the design or color you want in these partitions. This is completely up to your concept. You can use the design or color you want in these partitions. This is completely up to your concept. You can use the design or color you want in these partitions. This is completely up to your concept.

Partition wall systems may cost a little bit during the installation process, but due to all of these features, long-term benefits will surely be beneficial. Even when you move a room, you’il be aware of it. Partition wall systems can be installed not only in new buildings but also in old offices. First of all, we are planning your office space. After the planning is done in the office without an idle area, the production stage is entered. In this process, the walls in the existing office are carefully removed. After assembling the assembly for the partition walls, our team will come and assemble in a convenient time. During this process you can continue working. There will be no situation that will prevent you. This is very easy since our installation team makes the necessary preparations before installation. Of course this is the case for our team. You may also encounter a lot of errors if your business tries to make people who are not competent.

Partition Wall Prices

Man Office Partition wall prices in the net you say something unfortunately very difficult. That doesn’t mean it can be calculated very hard. Only the factors that affect this price are very variable. Partition walls are produced from many different materials. In addition, the square meter information of the application area is required.

In order to obtain an accurate partition wall price, the dimensions of the application area are clearly taken. After that, what kind of material will be used in the project, the square meter of this material, labor, material price and multiply this square meter results.

Of course, where the location of the application is also important. There will also be a logistics cost. Therefore, you will not be able to say a correct and clear price on the phone. So we have teams in Istanbul that are doing free on-site feasibility studies. Wherever you are in Istanbul, you can get this service from us. For this reason, we are continuously increasing our branches. Everything is a compensation, but the time is unfortunately not compensated. You can easily explain what you want to do without limiting yourself. We will surely find a suitable solution between our products.

Since the partition walls are made using glass or other filling materials in aluminum frames, aluminum is the constant among these materials. Aluminum is more economical than other materials. This material is usually used in frames because it is easier to transport and process. The only factor affecting the price here is the painting or coating of this frame. If you want, you can add a very different aesthetic to this aluminum frame with wood veneer.

In addition, the sweetness you use and the optional blinds are a different element affecting the price. If wood filling is to be done, the price will be a little more appropriate, but of course it is not expected to give the aesthetics given by the glass. But in terms of being economical you can use the glass if its wood over a meter from the ground.

Since the natural light is spread all around the glass, a more spacious and wide working environment air is created. This and many other advice will give you our friends who have already visited you. You simply need to set your own budget correctly for this job. You can be sure that we will create the best solution for your budget.

How are drywall partition walls made?

Many of our customers, gypsum board partition wall information about us by looking for information. We want to prepare an article on how to make plasterboard partition walls in order to be more useful to you. If you have a subject in our article, please contact us and get detailed information.

According to the structure of the area to be applied before making the partition wall of hawthorn, it is useful to choose the right plasterboard panel according to the purpose of use and to say that the measurements should be taken professionally. Please contact us if you are not working with someone professional about it. Let us try to help you with our professional team.

When making a drywall wall, it is necessary to start from the ground as in normal walls. The skeleton is cut according to this dimension. This framework is of great importance since the wall will be shaped according to this skeleton. After the ground frame is fixed in the area where the wall will be constructed, a drill will open the skeleton on the floor and the ground will be marked.

The areas marked on the ground in this way are then drilled with the appropriate drill bits. It is very important to use the appropriate insert according to the dowel to be used here. After the ground is drilled, the dowels are attached and fixed on the floor frame by fixing it securely. Then, the skeleton is attached to the area where the plasterboard wall panel will rest. For this purpose, a correct measurement is taken from the floor to the ceiling with the help of the spirit level and the area where the skeleton will be placed is marked. Again as in the floor before the skeleton is cut according to this size and the skeleton through the drill and screw places are opened with the help of dowels on the floor where the future will be marked, and then drill the wall with a suitable drill bit.

Alçıpan Bölme Duvar Nasıl Yapılır - 1

Drywall Partition Wall How-To 1


The skeleton is inserted and fixed. The quality of the materials to be used here is very important. If there is no quality workmanship, the wall starts to swing after a while. In this way, after the skeleton is fixed in the ceiling, the skeleton is cut to the free space by the help of the spirit level and attached to the frame fixed to the lower and upper areas. This way the exoskeleton is finished.

Considering that the width of a panel is 120 cm on average, the support profiles are thrown between this outer profile at 40 cm intervals. After this process, the planned plasterboard panels are fixed to the frame by means of screws. If you want to have sound insulation and heat insulation, you can provide it by placing insulating glass in the middle of the panels. Care must be taken when working with drywall panels. Because, as you know, gypsum board panels have a delicate structure and if you press it on six empty surfaces it may break. When fixing the drywall to the skeleton, it is useful to embed the screws in a very small way. Because the plaster places should not be distressed when paint is done after plasterboard.

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Drywall Partition Wall Dressing – 2

After the plasterboard installation process, satin curtain plaster and metal corner profiles should be placed. Metal corner profiles make the wall look better. After the corners are prepared, the corner profiles are pressed onto the plaster and adhered to the plaster. After that, two plasterboard joints, the other plasterboard joints and the nails with satin plaster is corrected with the process. This joint is strengthened once more by means of joints. The plaster is then pulled over this joint tape. In this way, the reinforcing plaster is allowed to dry after extraction.

After that, a two-fold satin plaster is made on this wall. After the plaster is removed, sanding is performed. In this way, the wall is ready to be painted. After the wall has been painted, we have now delivered our gypsum plasterboard to our customers. As you can see, it is very difficult for a master to know this process very easily.

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Gypsum Board Partition Wall Carcass Completion-3


Here, material quality is very important elements of workmanship and price. If you want to reach all these components from a single address, it is best to search for us without wasting any time. We can do plasterboard wall partition application in the space you want to drywall partition wall. If you want, you can learn about us by searching for the references we have worked before. Thanks for choosing us.