Glass Partition Systems

Man Office uses the Best Products of glass partition design and wall partition in offices.

Glass systems applications designed very fine and elegant way without losing time consuming space in offices not easy Manor Business F Series systems are made of thin aluminum. This system is easy to assemble after 10 years under our guarantee. Modern glass partitions not only tact, but also strength, fire resistance or fire safety, light transmission, as are many features. For sandblasting glass and transparent glass as our system it has two different models.

Different designs in Business

  • The frame is made of an aluminum frame that is used to secure the glass panels. Typically used two glass options: single and double glazing. The second option is used for better sound insulation.
  • One piece of glass, this system is referred to as the glass glass system, this technology allows the glass plate and rigidly attached to each other along the circumference for fixing the profiles. People, to ensure maximum lighting levels in the room framed glass pane sturdy model to the more preferred.
  • Specifications
    Glass thickness: 8, 10, 12mm,
    height: 4000 mm up
    until 7000mm’y
    lower door gap – 7-10mm
    Sound insulation: 35-78 dB
    Glass types: Transparent, Sand Yacht special film
    Price: 285.00 $
    per m2 kg: 22
    Color: Gray
    Frame: Aluminum body

Large rooms are the most preferred system for creating small areas. These systems then your order will be delivered to your office within 1 day. Installation is easy, if you want you or we can do. The thickness you want on your windows and glass partitions models you will be delivered to using.