Office Partition System: 
Approximately 45 years or more ” Man Business ” firm, office partitions system is a leader in the production and assembly areas. Turkey in particular around the office partition systems, including the mention of Istanbul is the first company that comes to mind. All the projects we do are the basis for the company’s rapid development. man office office partitions system is not just a brand means quality office glass partitions office man, quick setup for each customer and 7/24 means faster service network.

Office partitions companies in foremost man office glass partition system exhibits an integrated approach including design and production, offering ideal sound isolation solutions for a variety of models and original designs and offices. The basic principle of our company is the continuous monitoring of service quality. All systems are covered by a 3 year warranty and office partitions. Also, portions which themselves have a removable and can be installed in new features. Dismantled system is mounting structure, the use of dry again to remove another area, and installation is quite simple.

We attach importance to the quality of
the quality of the products and materials, fire safety standards, you may want all hygiene and environmental compliance documents. All products are made from aluminum environment and environmentally friendly with no interruption from a tree. It is made of materials not harmful to human nature. All products are one hundred percent recyclable.

Office partition system with more than 25 models were presented to the first, being the most preferred system Plus Glass partition wall system, this system is the most economical system in terms of both cost and installation.

Office Partition System Sound and Thermal Insulation

All our products seventy percent up to five sound and thermal insulation of these systems when installing then used especially one cm thick glass windows are thickened performing hot and cold process and is rendered sensitive to heat and sound.

Office Partition System Prices

Price : Starts at $ 450.00 Turkish lira. per m2

How is Office Partitions

Office partitions, select one from the rest of the system single-glazed independent models from 25 different models each other after selecting the double-glazed office partitioning systems prompts us to want to leave plus a glass partition wall system. If you choose which of these two models is given as the average installation time for this installation time it is seven business days.

First of all the systems are collected in our factory more than 10 years in this business who are skilled craftsmen defragmentation process starts by us, are made all the assembly stage in the computer and working with zero fault tolerance.