Man Office tapered partition wall partition systems Man F Series. Systems are used in all-aluminum galvanizing industry design and our iron composite products used glass pane system is 4mm in height. we call about office partitions systems products.


Man F400 glass office partition systems more transparent, lighter 10mm transparent glass are assembled with the partition system. Glass is completely şişecam 1st class quality. glass is tempered and grinded. special manufacturing glass used in safety glass office partitions.


The location will be at your office partition systems and let the lengths taken measures to quickly partition walls price. How to determine prices Partition systems ? width and height measurements you made in your office space, we offer the most affordable prices. Prices compartment revealed pricing system based on the square of your office.

Man Office, founded in Istanbul in Turkey 13.000m2 is a company producing office partition and glass partition with an active closed area. Man Office,which continues to work with over 100 Architects, has produced 1,854, 80m2 partition wall systems. The largest areas of business are corporate offices, banks, hospitals and government institutions.

Business internal structure of the system that are ready for installation as sound and heat insulation specially manufactured aluminum used to make the room into a useful embodiment makes regular. The raw material for aluminum and glass systems. All office partitions companies offer you different designs and models to this model, modules division, grouped under four main headings as the demountable partition systems to Jalousie and partition systems.

Glass Office Partitions

Which will be held in the office because it is more efficient for employees office partitions work is especially to be owned more areas. Glass partitions, preferring to make the same time in the office look more stylish. Noise insulation system is especially to reduce to a minimum the volume between different compartments in the workspace.

While working with a firm understanding of quality service by keeping customer satisfaction in the work that it has done in this area is at the forefront ensure that you get the best service. studies to be carried out the best quality aluminum glass pane material options it provides the possibility of obtaining long-term use. with attention to every detail necessary to avoid any problem with the application process are performed.

In general, all companies of the first pane of glass office partitions primarily when calculating the price they ask how many square meters. Because m² is very important for the office partition systems are the most important detail for wastage and labor.

Average multiplication corresponds 1m² of the area of ​​1 m to 1 m. Accordingly office partitions prices you can find prices between 285 to 350 ₺ ₺. However, firms in all office partition systems can reduce or increase prices by blind glass thickness profile using different methods.

The following table presents them to you in the current 2018 Istanbul office partitions and glass partitions prices.

These prices WHAT IS NOT

Our price based on currency dollar euro may rise and fall by 30%.

Please contact us to get a clear price or at the request of a free discovery.

Glass and Office split prices (Istanbul) in Price (1 / m2)
Plus Wall Office Partition Systems 465,00 $  Please contact us for net prices !!!
Fixed partition systems up to single glass ceiling  360,00 $
Double-glazed combined fixed pods  375,00 $ Full glass half-glass split wall
Double glazed office room split  360,00 $
F 700 wall panels  325,00 $   office partition systems alumil
F 600 glass split wall  445,00 $
Man F 400 partition system  425,00 $
Man F 300 bölme duvar  320,00 $
Glass partition door system  2,400,00 $
Wooden doors  1,685,00 $
Glass partition door cases  420,00 $
Transportation and assembly of Istanbul Istanbul shipping and installation prices

Get Professional Office Partition Service
Prior to the studies to be carried out by the team that is expert in the field, necessary controls are provided and applications are made through the office partition systems models that you have requested later. In this way, after all necessary information is obtained, the work is done through the most appropriate options. Applications that are made when you want to have modern offices allow you to have more convenient spaces with glass partitions, especially in European standards.
Professional work is carried out in order to achieve the best results with the experience obtained in line with the services provided in this field for many years. The models that will be prepared in different ways can make your office more modern and useful. For this reason, it is possible to choose between different models and to work through the preferences you have made by offering several models at the same time.

Wall Partitions For Office
In the office entrance or office can be used in the wall dividing work, especially you can choose from a large number of different models are applied. Materials used provide extremely durable compartments. At the same time, it is especially effective in making the areas you want more usable. Studies to be carried out in different colors and models are carried out on the panels prepared according to the area you want.
Precautions are taken against any problems that may arise during the application studies to be carried out by the team with sufficient knowledge and experience in the field. In this way, the company provides the best service with years of experience in order to get quality service in any situation you wish.

Office Glass Prices
Those who want the partitions to be used in the office to be completely glass can make your offices more elegant with the glass that can be extended horizontally or to the ceiling in accordance with the demands they make. The work done on the appropriate price options allows you to have more space within the office within a short period of time. The calculations and price options are determined through the sections you have selected according to your demands. Especially in order to be able to apply European standards, the work of jaluzlu glass splitting makes the office look more modern. For those who want to have more modern and useful offices, especially in the work to be done by providing sound insulation contributes to the increase in working efficiency.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Adalar Municipality
Arnavutköy Municipality
Ataşehir Municipality
Avcılar Municipality
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Bahçelievler Municipality
Bakirkoy Municipality
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Maltepe Municipality
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Sariyer Municipality
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Sultanbeyli Municipality
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Şile Municipality
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Tuzla Municipality
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Üsküdar Municipality
Zeytinburnu Municipality

Business Man , met with glass partitions and partition systems transparent thin profile as you’ve never seen before and the system mounted on a sturdy structure allows you to save you time and money. Assembly and disassembly is simple. Even if You Can Do For Man Must Partition System Assembly.

Partitions light transmittance, is very successful application in terms of heat and sound insulation. This way you can make big savings in your office. Except in the office sink it is available in all rooms to be built of glass pane.

Glass pane calculation square area while the first embodiment is removed. Thereafter it agreed to use which kinds of glass. What also comes to the job offer stage after determining the thickness of the glass. If you accept the offer we have given our customers transition to production and assembly stages. Price and glass partition in the sense we are among the companies that offer the best prices in the market. According to the quality and characteristics of the materials we use are the reason we do not guarantee the best price and our being totally manufacturers is also advantageous because we make a continuous application of our raw material alloy half.

Office Partition Models How do you imagine that you have an office? Surely an office of imaginary flock every business owner is available. Your dreams can come together with other different reasons for not primarily real life with economic conditions. That’s where “MAN OFFICE” office partitions models work by entering your office will help you create the most rational model taking the office of your dreams!

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